304 Stainless Steel Belt So Cold?

  304 pickled hot-rolled stainless steel strip, the name read mouthful, seems strange. What exactly is it? In fact it is listed a variety of renewable resources in Dalian. According to Baidu baike, 304 stainless steel is the most widely used stainless steel, heat-resistant steel. Commonly used in food manufacturing equipment, chemical equipment, nuclear power, and so on. It is also a universal stainless steel material. Believe the name stainless steel, we the common people are familiar with. In fact, 304 stainless steel is a versatile material, it has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance. Stainless steel for its beautiful appearance, corrosion characteristics, damage to the advantage of more and more into our family, such as pots and pans, sculpture, architecture, decoration of the city ... ... In the stainless steel consumption in China, transportation accounted for 4%, building decoration 25%, kitchen utensils, such as daily metal products accounted for about 40%, mechanical engineering 17%, household appliances, such as 6%, other areas of 8%.

  Thus, building decoration and kitchen utensils, such as daily metal products account for a large proportion of the consumption of stainless steel. So this mouthful 304 pickling of hot rolled stainless steel strip read, can you say doesn't matter to me? 304 stainless steel is the most important element in nickel, chromium, and nickel are more closely related, on most nickel is used in stainless steel. Little nickel reserves in the world, is more expensive. In recent years, the stainless steel industry to expand production capacity in the world, resulting in the rigid demand of nickel, which is the main reason supported nickel prices continued to rise. In addition, the Fund speculation, macro-economy, weak dollar and uncertain factors, such as the nickel mine strike also had a significant impact on nickel prices. Material theory of sustainable development, environmental protection and other advanced high performance requirements, it also makes new energy facility construction, green building, clean equipment and other household areas increase in the demand for high performance stainless steel. But need to be reminded that the allergenicity of metals of nickel is the most common, where 20% people allergic to nickel, so be careful!