Domestic Steel Product Exports This Year Or Down

  On February 15, Australia's announcement of the anti-dumping Committee, modify the coil Rod anti-dumping against China in the preliminary of the provisional anti-dumping duty. Among them, the provisional anti-dumping duty against Valin Xiangtan iron and steel by 9.5% per cent to 32.1%, the provisional anti-dumping duty of shagang Group products by 13.1% per cent to 28.2%, cooperation and other exporters of the provisional anti-dumping duty from 18.4% per cent to 53.9%.

Prior to this, European Commission officials said in a statement, decision for imports originating in China seamless steel tubes, plates and hot rolled flat steel iron and steel products at the same time launching anti-dumping investigations, and on cold-rolled steel plate imported from China to implement temporary anti-dumping measures.

  Sha steel futures daily news interviewed related personnel. The official said anti-dumping investigations on steel product exports will have a certain impact, affecting mainly concentrated in Australia and Europe. "How much impact on our steel exports, it is difficult to predict, 2-3 months is required to see it. "But he made clear that Sha steel anti-dumping investigation will be sued. In fact, since last year, anti-dumping investigations on steel products to China have become frequent. According to incomplete statistics, this year, the international market for steel products, China launched anti-dumping investigations is close to 20.