PMI Steel Three-liter Steel Market Is Expected To Pick Up

  Demand is the core of the steel industry. In February, two steel industry new orders index rose to 50.9%, after 19 months later returned to the downs of 50% above. This shows, steel significantly increased orders, market demand continues to rise.

  From the current market conditions, steel orders increase was mainly influenced by the improved financial situation, plus the real estate capital markets warm wind blowing, merchants a lot of replenishment drive. But final demand is still insufficient, automobile and home appliances industries starts good, orders for machinery, shipbuilding has not significantly increased, significantly less in real estate starts.

  Demand from overseas, due to the multi-country anti-dumping, contracted in the last two years beautiful steel exports. In February, the steel of the new export orders index for the 46.2%, rises again in three months fell to 50%, down 4.7% from the previous month.Off-season for domestic demand to pick up steel prices rebound after the stage start. As of February 29, building steel index y/y or 1.96%.