Welded Wire Mesh Guard Rail Of The Balcony

Welded wire mesh guard rail of the balcony can be summarized as follows:

A high security. After you install the balcony and balcony railing welded wire mesh fence, House added a layer of protection. Social security was estimated to reach yebubihu levels are difficult to achieve, but a layer of protection, more safety, criminals set up an obstacle, can play a role of guarding.

Second, health. After installing the balcony railings, extra layers block dust Windows to block the invasion of sand, dust, rain, indoor health status better than the rooms without balconies.

Third, more decorative. The balcony is closed, with interior spaces can be integrated by removing the doors and even Windows. To consider at design time and Manpower, particularly in the irregular design of the room, should take the form of balconies, irregular space overall designs.